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Do you work long hours in your business – but struggle to make good money?

Do you feel burnt out and unsure how to turn it around?

Do you find it hard to charge your worth for the value you bring your clients?

Do you want to build a sustainable bookkeeping business that you LOVE?

Then you need to book your seat at the Mind Money Business Workshop!

Sylvia and Laura have been where you are now. Running a successful bookkeeping business can feel really hard. It often feels like you have to work ridiculous hours to get everything done. It can seem like there is no good return for all that hard work. They get it.

They also now have the skills and know the actions required to teach overworked and underpaid bookkeepers how to be knowledgeable and empowered business owners that operate sustainable and profitable businesses that they love.

They do it for their clients every day and now they have partnered together to bring you a powerhouse of information to get your business on the right track with support and advice.

By attending the Mind Money Business workshop, you will walk away with a mountain of insight and actions you can take straight away to make great changes to your business – and your bottom line!


Learn techniques to overcome your self-worth and money mindset blocks


Learn how to build a profitable and sustainable bookkeeping business


Learn how to setup and structure your business for future growth or sale


leverage their time so no more burnout

earn more without working more hours

attract more quality clients

the benefits of and how to move to a value-based pricing model

use Profit First to help grow their own business and help their clients grow too

Mind Money Business Workshops

The Mind Money Business Workshops focus on 3 core areas of business: the mind, money and business – of course!

To be more specific, we delve into optimising your mindset around things like money purpose, goals and what it is that you want to do with your bookkeeping business.

When we talk money, we will be looking at pricing (fixed prices vs value pricing structures), knowing your costs, value and pricing around that value so that you can stop working crazy hours for dollars per hour pricing. 

We also look at getting clarity on what money you need from your business to support your life, rather than the other way around.

On the business front, we look at what you are really trying to achieve in your bookkeeping business - both for yourself and your clients. We get into the nitty gritty of your end game and your business model to organise your business structure to support those things.


The Mind Money Business workshops are designed to give you honest, practical and step-by-step guidance to define:


  • the business you want to run as a bookkeeper

  • profitable and sustainable income strategies

  • clarity on how to build the business you dreamed of when you started

We are so passionate about working with as many bookkeepers as possible to ensure that they are running a business that they LOVE without the burnout and ensuring that they are being paid for all the value that they bring to their clients.

Why Learn From Us?

Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about the great outcomes achieved from working with us.

Laura has been such an amazing resource and support in helping me to grow my bookkeeping business. Because she has her own bookkeeping business, everything I’m doing and struggling with, she’s been there. And talking to someone who ‘gets it’, makes such a difference.

Her bookkeeping and systems knowledge is wide and her genuine desire to help other bookkeepers take their businesses to the next level is completely apparent every time I speak with her.

If you want to grow your business and take it to a place where there are more clients, money and calm with less chaos and stress, Laura is your girl! I can’t recommend her enough.

Delaney - Delaney Van Baalen


I have been lucky enough to have worked with both Laura Elkaslassy and Sylvia Chierchia in my bookkeeping business.

Laura has been a constant support with her impressive bookkeeping and business knowledge but it is her desire to do things better and implement new ideas, techniques and systems to help run a better and more productive bookkeeping business that I really love. Her ability to see the “bigger picture” and share her knowledge so we all improve shows her enthusiasm for the bookkeeping industry and how if one grows, we all grow.

Sylvia has helped with my relationship with money. Like lots of bookkeepers, I was really great with other people’s money but was held back with my own money stories. She has helped me get my mindset sorted that it’s OK to make money and to value what you earn and be grateful for it!

Working with this team would a terrific path for any bookkeeper wanting to grow not only their business but grow themselves.

Julie - Julie Sergienko Bookkeeping Solutions

As a former Financial Planner and now running a bookkeeping business specialising in working with Tradie’s, I knew I had a large amount of knowledge of the practical side of finances and numbers. I have clients tell me all the time how helpful I was and how I made the complex simple for them to understand yet I still had issues with my own mindset around money. I had no idea how to fix it or where to start.

Sylvia helped me realise that even though I had a background in finances, I was allowed to have money mindset issues and I wasn’t alone in this. My mindset was holding me back from my business being more successful and Sylvia provided such simple steps to work through and solve what seemed to be my biggest mystery.

I have always felt that Sylvia is completely honest whilst still supportive of whatever is happening at the time. Sylvia helped me understand I was worth it and did in fact know what I was doing and she helped me realise that I could have a new normal mindset around money.

Katie Marshall - Efficient Tradie

Mind Money Business is for you if:

  • you are earning less than minimum wage
  • you are working more than 40 hours a week
  • you charge less than $80/hour
  • you pay your business bills but not yourself
  • you want to move from a $/hour to value-based business model
  • you want to uplevel your bookkeeping business
  • you want to build a business you enjoy working in


Join Passionate Profit First Professionals Laura Elkaslassy and Sylvia Chierchia
in person for small group workshops in Melbourne and Sydney this May, as well as a live online workshop in April.

or fast-track your success in the Online Mastery Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend this workshop?

Running a bookkeeping business can be stressful, isolating and hard work. This is an opportunity to get together with other bookkeepers and 2 facilitators that know all too well how difficult it can be without the right support. You will leave the workshop armed with a clearer idea of where you want your business to go & tools that can be implemented straight away enabling you to run the business of your dreams (rather than your nightmares!)

What are some of things that will be covered in the workshop?

We will be covering 3 main areas for running a profitable & sustainable bookkeeping business. They are:

Mind – mindset, goals & looking at the purpose of your money & your business

Money – pricing strategies, costs & profitability

Business – business vs practice, systems & end game

What stage of business is this event suited to?

This workshop is for you whether you are in the start up phase or more established. The aim is to help bookkeepers who are looking to make more money, work with clients they love and create a business without the burnout.

Do I need a laptop for the workshop?

It’s your choice, however, we will be providing a workbook that you can use during the workshop.

Where are the workshops being held?

The Melbourne workshop is being held at the Vibe Hotel in Carlton – 441 Royal Parade, Parkville.

Is there parking on site?

The Vibe Hotel in Carlton (Melbourne) is offering attendees $5 on site parking.

When does early bird end and what is the regular price?

The early bird workshop price of $97 is available until the 23rd of April 2017. After this time, the cost is $147.




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