So many of us grew up hearing our parents talk about money. Often it wasn’t in the most positive way! What we heard growing up can really stick in the subconscious mind and it creates the money stories we tell ourselves and it affects how we treat and handle money. Over time you gradually develop a set of beliefs about money and this can shape the way you think and behave. In other words, your money story either limits you or opens you up to prosperity.

If you’ve ever said things like “I can’t afford it” or “more money, more problems” or “you have to work really hard to make money” then this may give you some insight into your stories


How does your money story affect you?

How much does your money story influence you?  Well, let’s think back to when you were young.

How comfortable were you to asking your parents for money to buy something you really wanted? Or to ask for money to go to the movies with your friends? Did you hold yourself back from asking for things because you knew that your parents couldn’t afford it?  Or you knew they would say no?

As a child, we are often much more sensitive to what is being said even if you don’t truly understand it. So our money stories develop in us at a surprisingly young age and they are deeply ingrained into our minds. Eventually they lead us to the place we are in our lives right now and they affect the way we run our lives and run our business.


What if you had a different money story?

What if you had grown up with a different money story? Who do you think you would be? Would you have more money than you do at the moment? Would you have less debt? Would you operate your business differently? Would you be more comfortable charging a higher price for your services?

Let’s change up your old money stories that aren’t serving you, such as your clients will never pay more, and replace it with a new one. You don’t have to carry the old story forever. You can choose something else.

Changing your money story.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to your money mindset is to become REALLY conscious of your language. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t afford something you really want, why not reframe your thinking and ask yourself questions like “How can I afford it?” or “What can I do to create the money I need to afford the things I really want?” These are great open-ended questions that are full of possibility rather than a sentence that seems so final and leaves you feeling powerless.

Instead of telling yourself that you have to work tirelessly to have money in your business, instead tell yourself that your offering amazing value and help to your clients and you deserve to be well compensated for it. One thing I often recommend is to keep an Awesome File. It’s a folder, either real or a folder in your computer that has referrals, testimonials, clients’ praise, thank you’s and any other positive feedback you’ve received over the years. This will help you in those moments when you play the old story of not feeling good enough or abundant enough. 

This will allow you to feel differently about money and to approach money & money management with a wealth mindset rather than a lack mindset.

Listen to the language you use when you speak about money.  Toss out the negatives and replace them with something more positive and promising.

Remember that money is just a tool that you can use for your own benefit and the benefit of others. We tend to paint it with so much of our own emotions and beliefs. Money is nothing to be afraid of or limited by.

Your money stories are the same.

Those stories are in the past. They only exist if you choose to give them headspace. It’s what you choose to think and believe now that matters. What I’d like you to do is to think – really think – about who you might be if you didn’t allow your money stories to define you. What possibilities will open up for you? What opportunities will show up for you?

It’s time to take control of your thoughts and choose to only have money stories that will elevate you and your business.