As professionals in the finance industry we are VERY passionate about educating and motivating bookkeepers to charge their worth, get paid, and build a grow a sustainable business.

This year we’ve come together to create an in-person workshop as well as an intensive mastery program to share our expertise and walk you through the steps you need to take real action to make your business goals a reality.

Time and time again we see bookkeepers who are overworked, underpaid, stressed out and resenting their clients and their business.

We want to see this change.

We want to see bookkeepers thrive not just survive! And we believe NOW is your time to thrive.  

Want to grow your bookkeeping business this year?

Join us at our live workshops in Melbourne and Sydney in May 2017 and learn how to shift your mindset around money, learn more about value pricing and create a bookkeeping business that you love! 

We look forward to meeting you!

Sylvia & Laura

We are so passionate about working with as many bookkeepers as possible to ensure that they are running a business that they LOVE without the burnout and ensuring that they are being paid for all the value that they bring to their clients.

Mind Money Business Workshops

The Mind Money Business Workshops focus on 3 core areas of business: the mind, money and business – of course!

To be more specific, we delve into optimising your mindset around things like money purpose, goals and what it is that you want to do with your bookkeeping business.

When we talk money, we will be looking at pricing (fixed prices vs value pricing structures), knowing your costs, value and pricing around that value so that you can stop working crazy hours for dollars per hour pricing. 

We also look at getting clarity on what money you need from your business to support your life, rather than the other way around.

On the business front, we look at what you are really trying to achieve in your bookkeeping business - both for yourself and your clients. We get into the nitty gritty of your end game and your business model to organise your business structure to support those things.


The Mind Money Business workshops are designed to give you honest, practical and step-by-step guidance to define:


  • the business you want to run as a bookkeeper

  • profitable and sustainable income strategies

  • clarity on how to build the business you dreamed of when you started

Are you ready to create a business that you love that also makes good money??


Sylvia Chierchia is a financial coach who helps women in business make more money and have freedom in life.

Sylvia has over 27 years of experience in the financial industry and for 12 of those years she was the Financial Controller of multiple seven figure businesses. Sylvia knows how important positive cash flow and profits are to the success of any business. When she wasn’t working and getting hands-on experience, she has studied the importance of mindset in generating and creating a profitable business.

Sylvia also ran her own successful bookkeeping business for a number of years, which she sold in October 2015 to concentrate on the empowerment of business owners like you, turn their beloved business into a cash positive, profitable and peaceful one. She has helped hundreds of other women in business just like you, to actually get paid and grow their wealth through their business.

Laura Elkaslassy is a registered BAS Agent and Profit First Professional, who is a passionate advocate for business owners and bookkeepers to generate and build wealth in their business.

Laura has over 10 years experience in finance and bookkeeping, and she’s passionate about connecting with business owners to create community and support. Laura enjoys feeling proud of her clients, their business successes, and helping her clients to continue to make a positive difference in the world.

Laura believes in the importance of doing what you love and sustaining a sense of fulfilment. She strongly believes that by developing skills to gain control your business finances, you’ll create more time to work ON your business rather than IN it.

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